Roll Up Your Sleeves - Profile on Rhonda Briggins

February 13, 2018

Before Rhonda Briggins goes home to Birmingham, Alabama for Christmas, she has to call her parents and see how many children will be at their house. In the last four decades, Rhonda’s mother and father have been foster parents to hundreds of children. Once she learns the number and the age of the new siblings she’ll meet, “I go over to Toys“R”Us or Target to buy a whole bunch of gifts so they have something to open,” she says.

Win APTA Transit System of the Year - Profile on Andy Byford

January 16, 2018

Andy Byford is standing at his computer when he lets me into his office, four minutes after our scheduled meeting. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting,” he says. “I’m usually very punctual, but I just needed to finish a draft of this email. Here,” he continues, pointing to the monitor, “let me show you.” An accent, as well as the framed green Plymouth Argyle soccer jersey hanging on the wall, gives away his British upbringing. He is talking quickly, with an excited energy, as if he’s making up for running behind. Andy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and the email is to the TTC Board about his Executive Team. 

Copy Of -Why is an Architect Working for a Bus Company? - Profile on Christine Viña, AIA

May 09, 2017

San Antonio is in the middle of Fiesta, a two-week party, and the colorful city has mariachi music spilling out of every corner. Tomorrow is the Battle of Flowers parade—the second-largest parade in the nation—that honors the fallen patriots at the Alamo and commemorates the battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, when Texas won its independence from Mexico.

Social Worker for Transit - Profile on Jeremy Johnson-Miller

April 26, 2017

Though Jeremy Johnson-Miller was born in the 1980s, he doesn’t like the title millennial. “I feel like millennials get a bad rap,” he says, noting that they’re often accused of being “entitled, or not hard working. But I’m young. I’m a hard worker, and I’m eager to learn more things.” 


I agree with him. “I usually try to avoid any big group generalizations,” I say. “Every person is an individual.”

On the Side of Angels - Profile on Joel Volinski

April 11, 2017

When Joel Volinski accepted a job as the interim director of Florida’s Broward County Transit Agency in 1983, he had never ridden on a public transit bus. “Here I was, the person who knew less about the subject than anyone, and suddenly I was directing the biggest agency in county government,” he tells me, leaning back in his leather chair. “So you have to have a sense of humor, and you have to be kind of a quick study.” We are sitting in the boardroom at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) on the campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa, where Joel now serves as Director of the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR).

What’s Up with the Uber-Lyft Study? - Profile on Susan Shaheen

March 28, 2017

Susan Shaheen climbs into the backseat of a white Prius in Berkeley, California and begins her research. As Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Susan is an expert on the subject of carsharing. Today, on the first of February, we are using Lyft to travel from her office to the Downtown Berkeley BART station, where we will take the subway to have lunch in the Financial District of San Francisco. In transit-speak, Lyft is helping us solve the “first mile, last mile” problem, which concerns the methods in which a rider travels from their starting point to the place where public transit can pick them up, and vice versa.

Transit Trivia

March 14, 2017

In late-January, the New York Transit Museum hosted its Fifth Annual Transit Trivia Competition in downtown Brooklyn.  People Who Move People writer Laura Lee Huttenbach was there with a microphone to document the evening.  


In this eleven-minute podcast, she speaks to participants and organizers alike, earning a new respect for all the people who love and work in public transit. 

Movement on Wheels - Profile on John Lewis

February 21, 2017

Congressman John Lewis, U.S. Representative for Georgia’s Fifth District,“Big Six” Leader of Civil Rights tells his amazing story from the intersection of transit and Civil Rights.

To Change the Mobility Game - Profile on Nuria Fernandez

January 24, 2017

When Nuria Fernandez was growing up in Panama, water was a big part of her world. In addition to living by the water, she spent a couple summers interning at one of the canal locks of the Panama Canal, a feat of engineering that her great-grandfather had helped to construct. “But for some reason I’ve always been in surface [transportation],” she says. “I’ve never thought of pursuing a career in the maritime field.”

The Power of the Passengers - Profile on Scott Bogren

January 05, 2017

If you think modern-day Americans have lost their concept of community, Scott Bogren wants you to get on a bus. From a rural town to a big city, buses are always a place to find a diverse group of people, heading to different destinations, together. Scott knows buses. In 28 years working for the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)—where he was recently promoted to executive director—Scott has ridden buses in every state except Hawaii.

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